The Lamborghini Siesto Elemento is an expression of the manufacturer’s global role in leading with the newest technology of carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). With a weight of 999 kg, including the 5.2 L V10 engine and permanent all-wheel drive, a decrease in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission is definitely observed. Lighter cars improve the power-to-weight ratio, and in this case 1.75 kg/hp, resulting in a more outstanding and dynamic performance. The design uses one of the newest applications in science—nano-technology. This technology allows a full-bodied surface, and the shimmering red crystals.[1]

The perfectly located spoiler and diffuser, and the Pyrosilic tapes lead to optimum aerodynamics. It has become the Superman of sports cars because of its vast output of 570 hp, superior grip and stability of the permanent all-wheel drive, and a sensitive and highly revving V10 power unit. These six features or elements give the drivers a different driving experience.[2]

At this time,it is forecasted that this car would not be made but this concept can be proven to be a model for future lamborghini cars.

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